Herzogenaurach - History

The arms of Herzogenaurach is from the Middle Age onwards the upright standing, black Bamberger Lion. He stands behind a silver diagonally beam on golden ground. A view of the town in the Middle Age

Some dates of the Herzogenaurach history

1002 The first documentary mentioning von "Uraha", the former name of the town.
1021 Emperor Heinrich II. gives it to the Bishop of Bamberg.
11.-13. century Extension, settlement and fortification of the place.
1348 In a book of the bishop Friedrich von Hohenlohe Herzogenaurach is founded with its today's name.
about 1400 Construction of the first Church is finished.
1450 Plundering during the war between the local earls.
1631/32 Plundering by Swedish troops during the 30-year war.
from 1796 Permanently occupying by Frenchmen and Prussians.
1810 Herzogenaurach comes to Bavaria.
1819 There are 1,440 residents.
1865 Begin of the felt shoes production.
1894 Railroad line to Erlangen.
1900 There are 2,883 residents.
1905 Phone connection to Erlangen.
1924 The shoe factory Dassler is founded (from 1948 onward Puma and adidas)..
April, 14th 1945 The U.S. Army is marching in.

Sorry, there are more informations on my German page, but my English isn't good enough for a correct translation.
I beg your pardon if there are mistakes in my translation.

Source: The pictures and informations are from the booklet Altstadtführer Herzogenaurach, published by Helmut Fischer and Klaus-Peter Gäbelein, Wachter Verlag.



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