Herzogenaurach is a little town in Frankonia (part of Bavaria), nearby Nuremberg and Erlangen.
There are about 20,000 residents.
The history of Herzogenaurach is more than 1,000 years old.

There is a very nice old centre with a lot of half-timbering houses.
(Caution: Many pictures - it can take a little time.)
In Germany Herzogenaurach is well known because of the two big companies for sports articles - Puma and adidas.

I've got some mails from peoples who worked in this region in the army. Here are same pictures from the former U.S. Army Base Herzobase.

More informations on Homepage of Herzogenaurach

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The City Herzogenaurach celebrates 
the 1000 year anniversary in 2002.

Pictures from the Parade

Pictures from the Middle-aged Market Place

Flood disaster in Germany

More informations about the floodings in 
Grimma and Dresden

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In this former farmhouse I'm living.





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