On a hillock flowing around by the Red Main at three sides the Summer Palace is standing. It was erected by Mark Count Georg Wilhelm, starting in 1715. Today it is called the Old Palace.

A real princely present: At his gouvernment taking up the Mark Count Friedrich gaves this Park Eremitage to his wife Wilhelmine.

One of the most beautiful historic Opera Houses north of the Alps is standing in Bayreuth.
It was erected in four years only, starting in 1974.
The colomn architecture of the facade comes from the architect Joseph Saint-Pierre (Piemont). The interior is a creation of Giuseppe Galli Bibiena from Bologna, one of the famoust theatre architects in his time.
Three on top of one another arranged circles surrounds the magnificent Prince Box. It's surpassed by the immense kings crown of the Prussian Princess Wilhelmine.



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